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1. Offretite - Val Saviore Adamello Italy
2. Pyrophanite -Prabornaz Mine, Saint-Marcel, Aosta I
3. Spessartine -Prabornaz Mine, Saint-Marcel, Aosta I
4. Greenovite -Prabornaz Mine, Saint-Marcel, Aosta I
5. Schefferit -Prabornaz Mine, Saint-Marcel, Aosta I
6. Gold -Prabornaz Mine, Saint-Marcel, Aosta I
7. Gold -Prabornaz Mine, Saint-Marcel, Aosta I
8. Violane -Prabornaz Mine, Saint-Marcel, Aosta I
9. Violane -Prabornaz Mine, Saint-Marcel, Aosta I
10. Violane -Prabornaz Mine, Saint-Marcel, Aosta I
11. Piemontite -Prabornaz Mine, Saint-Marcel, Aosta I
12. Piemontite -Prabornaz Mine, Saint-Marcel, Aosta I
13. Hollandite -Prabornaz Mine, Saint-Marcel, Aosta I
14. Romeite -Prabornaz Mine, Saint-Marcel, Aosta I
15. Romeite -Prabornaz Mine, Saint-Marcel, Aosta I

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This is the list of what we sold in the site you can refer to it if you want to ask for a particular item

Aphophyllite - Bull Run Quarry Fairfax Virginia - t16s138 : White Apophyllite crystal of 1 cm 50x40x20 mm
Apophyllite (KOH) - Centreville, Culpeper Basin, Fairfax Co., Virginia, USA - ggts06 : Tabular square crystals of translucent apophyllite in evidence on matrix - 5 x 5 cm
Cafarsite - Wanni Glacier Cervandone Binn CH - dis15 : Nice piece with several with cafarsite crystals till 5 mm from type locality Size: 3x4 cm
CAFARSITE - Mount Cervandone, Devero Alp, Baceno, Ossola Valley, Piedmont, Italy - ga1924-3 : Nice well defined Cafarsite crystals on matrix - 1,5 x 1 cm
Carrollite - Katanga Copper Crescent, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo - fc42 : Small bright Carrollite on white calcite - Overall size: MM
Castellaroite -Monte Nero Mine, La Spezia Italy - bl42 : there are nice radial colourless aggregates up to about 2 mm the second best specimen of the find 30x20 mm
Cerussite - Cave del Predil, Tarvisio, Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy - ad03 : Many bright small trasparent Cerussite crystals in evidence on limonite matrix - 4 x 4 cm
Elpidite - Gjerdingselva, Nordmarka, Lunner, Oppland, Norway - gy03 : Dark brown Elpidite crystals on matrix - 1 x 1 cm
FRIEDRICHITE - Panguitch, Garfield Co., Utah, USA - ga397-2 : Small gray masses of rare Friedrichite on matrix - 1 x 1 cm
Gahnite - Donna Angelica Valley, Tiriolo, Catanzaro, Italy - fb30 : Dark small Gahnite crystals on matrix - 4 x 2 cm
Gold -Brusson Mine Ayas valley AO Italy - m14c10 : Crystalized gold over quartz Crystal Matrix Size: 1 x1 cm
Greenovite -Prabornaz Mine, Saint-Marcel, Aosta I - vms105 : Pink Crystal of greenovite over black barunite 30x60 mm
HAMMARITE - Gladhammar mines, Västervik, Småland, Sweden - ga371-10 : Small masses of rare Hammarite on matrix from the type locality - MM
Heulandite - San Vito di Leguzzano, Vicenza, Veneto, Italy - adr87 : Small brown Heulandite crystals on matrix - 4,5 x 3 cm
Hollandite -Prabornaz Mine, Saint-Marcel, Aosta I - vms99 : Black micro Crystal of hollandite with Macfallite 40x60 mm
Hydroglauberite - Camp Verde, Yavapai Co., Arizona, USA - ga1518-1 : Small matrix free Hydroglauberite crystal - 1 x 1 cm
Inesite- Monte Nero mine la Spezia Italy - vms27 : Carpet of pink prismatic crystals with max. size 4 mm. on jasper matrix Size:8x7 cm
Jurbanite - Le cetine Mine, Siena, Tuscany, Italy - ga1646-4 : White botryoidal Jurbanite on matrix - 1 x 1 cm
Lévyne-Ca - Island Magee, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK - gary21 : Small white Lévyne-Ca on matrix - MM
Libethenite - Myler Mine, Majuba Hill, Nevada, USA - ggph25 : Well defined small dark blue Libetenite crystals on matrix
Linarite - Santa lucia mine Sardinia Italy - z16n176 : Very nice linarite crystal of 4 mm 30x40x10 mm
Lokkaite Y - Evans-Lou Mine, Lac Saint-Pierre, Outaouais, Québec, Canada - ga1316 : Small white micro-xx of Lokkaite Y on matrix - MM
Offretite - Val Saviore Adamello Italy - vms144 : White prismatic Offretite crystals with bigger lustrous cubic Chabazite-Ca. . size 40x30 mm
Parnauite - Majuba Hill Mine, Antelope District, Pershing Co., Nevada, USA - fc172 : Small green Parnauite aggregate from the T.L. - Overall size: 1 x 1 cm
Pyrophanite -Prabornaz Mine, Saint-Marcel, Aosta I - vms110 : Brown crystals of pyrophanite on white Quartz and rodonite 40x60 mm
Silver - Masaloni Mine, San Vito, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy - bd15 : Many native silver dendrites in small vugs - 5 x 4 cm
Sudoite - Ohira Imazaki mine, Chugoku Region, Honshu Island, Japan - fc155 : White massive Sudoite - MM
Sugilite - Cerchiara Mine La Spezia Italy - vms90 : Purple Xls of sugilite very hard to find 20x30x10 mm
Vauquelinite - Tsvetnoi Mine, Berezovskii, Middle Urals, Urals Region, Russia - ga1744-4 : Dark green Vauquelinite crystals from the T.L. on matrix - 1 x 1 cm
Viridine - Ultevis, Lappland, Sweden - ga2389-1 : Greenish Viridine (Andalusite var.) on matrix - 1 x 1 cm
Wollastonite- Monte Somma Vesuvio Italy - c14gv605 : White wollastonite needles on garnet Size: 4x3 cm
Xonotlite -Grolla quarry Spagango VI Italy - c14gv869 : White fibous crystals. Rare occurrence from Italy- size 1,5x2 cm

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