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What's New
1. Gold -Brusson Mine Ayas valley AO Italy
2. Petzite Gold -Brusson Mine Ayas valley AO Italy
3. Calcophyllite -Perda Niedda Iglesias Italy
4. Elbaite- Forcel rosso Val Adamè Italy
5. Chiavennite-Pra della Munega Chiavenna Italy
6. Fersmite- Alpe Rosso Val Vigezzo Italy
7. Natrojarosite - Capo Calamite Elba Italy
8. Scheelite - Capo Calamite Elba Italy
9. Osumelite- Monte arci Oristano Italy
10. Colusite - Facciata quarry Carrara Italy
11. Clinozoisite- Alpe Stegia Lucomagno CH
12. Grammaciolaite - Pianche di Vinadio CN Italy
13. Tapiolite- Rio Graia Trontano Italy
14. Sudoite - Cedec Valley Valfurva Sondrio Italy
15. Sudoite - Cedec Valley Valfurva Sondrio Italy


A new update several interesting pieces from Vesuvio , Alps and Sardinia
There are many Type locality minerals

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- 16 Oct, 2014 -
Raremineralshop Catalog

30    -  New Specimens
1235-  Available Minerals
976   -  Different Species
599  -  Worldwide Type Locality



ELBA Island


A mining Region

Carrara's murble quarries minerals

Elba and unique mines
Elba Minerals

Quarries & history
Baveno Minerals
Vesuvius Minerals Manganese mines
Graveglia Minerals
  Brosso & Traversella Tuscany mines   Lazio Volcanic Areas

Alpine localities

Cervandone & Ossola   Other Italian localities

An old Zinc-Lead district
Brosso & Traversella Minerals

A unique Alpine locality
Ossola Minerals

Kola Peninsula - Russia Lavrion Mines - Greece Lengebach Quarry - Switzerland
Mont Saint-Hilaire Crestmore Quarries Langban Area


Raremineralshop  is specialized in rare minerals, systematic species, type localities and more from the world
 * The purpose of this site is to offer Rare Italian & Worldwide minerals with particoular attention to famous classic locality and Type localities.
 * This section is based on a shopping cart & database system . Simply click on specimens you want to buy and check out when you have made your choice. 
* You can also ask information or order sending  an e-mail to smartminerals@libero.it
 * Use the category navigation and search engine to browse the available minerals
 * Make sure to read the Policy and How to order pages before you place your order


Strunz Classification
1 - Elements
2 - Sulfides
3 - Halogenides
4 - Oxides and Hydroxides
5 - Nitrates, Carbonates and Borates
6 - Sulfates, Chromates, Molybdates and Tungstates
7 - Phosphates, Arsenates and Vanadates
8 - Silicates
  Unclassified Silicates
9 - Organic Compounds




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